Seniors & Technology – Help Find Their Interest

Computer Instructors all over the world have many different techniques to make technology appealing to seniors.  A good teacher knows, that when a student reaches a certain age, you can no longer threaten them with detention in hopes of making them study your class subject.  When adults are in the classroom, the “hook” to keep them interested and engaged is to allow them to find out for themselves how the world’s latest tech can be helping for them in some way.

Through instructors’ successes and failures, they’ve learned these hooks.  Examples like telling an older adult, “You can pay that bill online.  You don’t need to send off checks anymore!” can be useful information.  However, many of them would still rather send the check off as they may reply such statements like, “I know my payment will get there.” or “I want a receipt to prove I sent the payment off.”  They may even say, “I like to go out and mail the check.  It’s the only fresh air I get on Tuesday.”  Now say to an older adult, “You can find your old friends and family members online.”, you might peek their interest a bit.

It’s hard to guess what seniors might be interested in, so ask them.  Just simply ask them!  Everything under the sun can be empowered with more knowledge using a device with internet service!  Do you like to garden?  How do you plant carrots?  Do you play the lottery?  What number came out when you were born?  Do you want to get your groceries delivered?  With questions like these and many more, you will find out what everyone is interested in.

Now, seniors can be more open to learning the latest tech to learn more about what they’re interested in.  the whole time, effectively learning about the computer!

Are you a senior?  What are you interested in?  Are you an instructor?  What’s your technique to reach seniors in preparation for your computer class?

Michael Sommerville, Jr.

Communications Specialist

PALM – Center For Positive Aging

Ardmore, PA –


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There’s still time to reserve your seat

There’s still time to reserve your seat and ticket for our trip to see Holly Jolly Christmas: A Holiday Revue. Call the Center today (610-642-09370) for reservations and more information.
More event details on our Facebook:

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Our friends at the Free Library of Phila

Our friends at the Free Library of Philadelphia are partnering with AARP and the Women’s Opportunities Resource Center to present “Work for Yourself at 50+” next week. Click the link for more details.

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There are still tickets available to joi

There are still tickets available to join us as we travel to see “Holly Jolly Christmas: A Holiday Revue”. To learn about the special lunch + musical show combo trip tickets, click the link ( )

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The PALM loves to bring together people

The PALM loves to bring together people from all walks of life. Thank you for helping make this happen, Six:Eight Vineyard Church!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

A note from our Executive Director, Sandi Stovall.

The PALM is thankful for YOU!

Thanksgiving is a time to pause and count our blessings and to name them. Here is the PALM’s list of blessings for which we are deeply and forever grateful.

  1. We are grateful to our members who support the PALM with their daily attendance, love and joy.
  2. We appreciate our Board Members and the time and devotion they give to plan a new and vibrant future for our members and participants.
  3. We are appreciative for visitors who add to our community and share their hopes, their ideas, talents and support.
  4. We’re profoundly grateful for our funders for their financial contributions that support all aspects of our program. We say thanks to…
    • Montgomery County Department of Aging and Adult Services
    • The Township of Lower Merion
    • The Philadelphia Foundation
    • Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church
    • William Goldman
    • Lower Merion area churches
    • Member’s families for their financial gifts, donations of goods and services
    • We love our student interns from area colleges and schools who provide an intergenerational experience that engages the hearts, minds and spirits of members and the students alike.
  5. We thank the exceptional and dedicated staff of the PALM
  6. We thank our volunteers who serve in capacities to sustain the PALM
  7. We thank our instructors who provide skilled and compassionate training to improve the health and welfare of our members.
  8. We acknowledge the life-affirming services of CADCOM, USDA, Main Line Health services, BTC Food Service, Viking Pastry, Main Line Transit, Ardmore Initiative, and the Lower Merion Business Association.

Thank you one and all for a great year and enjoy the holiday THANKFULLY!


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Upcoming PALM Closure

The PALM will be closed on Thursday and Friday of this week in observance of Thanksgiving. We will reopen at 9:00 AM on Monday, November 28. Thank you, and happy Thanksgiving!

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